Brick Form spol. s r.o., Rapa s.r.o.

The company history and its long-term strategy

The Company Rapa, spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1992. It started its production in 1993, continuing in the long tradition of the local canning industry, the roots of which reach deep into the last century. Since 1995, Rapa has been one of the leading suppliers of canned food for the Czech market. Its specialization is the production of canned vegetables, and its customers know the products under the brand name RAPA.

The company uses the brand for both retail and gastronomic packaging. Its varied range of products meets the requirements of modern nutrition and meets all the demanding standards of the European Union. To ensure the high quality of the final products a special care is given to the selection of raw materials, their processing and final packaging. The company stresses the aesthetics of the product as well.
The top priority of the employees of our company is customer satisfaction. Our business strategy is focused primarily on establishing long-term business partner relationships because we believe it is the best way how to care about and satisfy our customers. Our services include JIT delivery, wholesale, custom manufacturing according to customers’ specifications, providing private brands, guaranteed annual contracts, and so on. In short, our main goal is the satisfied customer.


Since 2008, Rapa, spol. s.r.o., has been owned by BRICKform, spol. s.r.o. The company BRICKform is a producer of canned vegetables and fruit as well and it has been on the Czech market since 1994. BRICKform, spol. s.r.o., markets its products under the brand GABRIELLA. The merge of both companies resulted in one of the biggest groups within the Czech canned goods industry with an annual production of around 20,000 pallets (14,000 tons).

RAPA - Introducing the brand

The company Rapa has been supplying the market under its own brand since 1993. Currently, the company’s focus is on the full range of canned vegetables, both single-variety and mixtures, as well as vegetable salads. Under this brand it markets its products, especially on the Czech retail market. Gradually, our company has launched under this brand most of gastronomic products as well.
The company maintains long-term cooperation with many major companies on the Czech market, such as Penny Market, Čepos, Jednota, Flosman, Hruška and many others, supplying both customers’ and its own brands.

GABRIELLA - Introducing the brand

The company BRICKform introduced its private brand Gabriella in 1996. Under this brand it has presented its products on the Czech market, especially in the gastro and delicatessen industry. Currently, there is a significant volume of products delivereds to retailers as well.
The products presented under this brand come from the states of the European Union, the CzechRepublic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Slovenia.
After fifteen years on the Czech market, the company BRICKform, spol. s.r.o., has managed to create a working business relationship with a number of companies, such as Kaufland, Billa, Norma, Čepos, Jednota, Brněnka, Hruška, Dr. Öetker, Želetavská cheese factory BEL, Delika and many others. Recently, our company has expanded its activities by a contractual service supplying our products under the private brands of its clients.

Experience the quality of the products of the brands RAPA and GABRIELLA.
 We enjoy doing the  work that meets the needs of our customers.
Why you should choose RAPA and GABRIELLA products?

- A very good selection of raw materials secured by long-term supplies from competent growers
- All products are made without additives and substitutes, such as pigments, fillers (starch ...) and chemical preservatives
- Processing under strict compliance with hygienic regulations
- Aesthetically attractive products
- A wide range of product lines
- A wide range of package sizes
- Collated packages, both in foil and paper OPEN TOP